The Hundred Challenge, Part II

Proceed with this added challenge only if you feel completely comfortable with the breath from the previous blog.

To add the upper and lower body element to the hundred’s breath, stabilize your pelvis by hugging your abdominal sphere. Keep the stability of your pelvis as you take your feet off the floor one at a time.  This position alone can be challenging, so, if you feel any pressure on your abdominals or low back, you can leave your feet on the floor or rest your lifted feet against the wall. We want to maintain our focus on the core and not add any stress to the low back. Less is more.

If you feel comfortable to continue, put your hands behind your head and lift your head on your next breath. Continue to narrow your abdominals around the sphere.

If you want a deeper challenge, add the hundred’s breath, inhaling for the count of five and the exhaling for the count of five in this position.

Be sure to keep the abdominals narrowing around the sphere. If at any time your abdominals start to bulge out or harden, keep your feet on the floor and go back to only focusing on the breath. Even though this is a modification, it can be very challenging. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately and consult your physical therapist or Pilates instructor.

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