Let’s Review: Pelvic Floor Muscles


By Mary Hughes, PT, DPT

Urogenital Triangle

Primary Sexual Function: Obstructs venous return and maintains erection of clitoris

Primary Sexual Function: initiates erection of the clitoris, also functions as a vaginal sphincter in females

Superficial Transverse Perineum: Stabilizes and strengthens the perineum

Levator Ani: functions as a unit.
Deep Pelvic Floor Muscles: Pubococcygeus,  Iliococcygeus, Puborectalis
Supports Pelvic Organs, assists with core stabilization, assists in orgasm in both men and women, moves the tail bone.
Inappropriate length tension relations or strength between any or all of these muscles can lead to pain, bladder/bowel dysfunction and or sexual dysfunction.

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