It’s Not Just Women’s Health!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Men

By Mary Hughes

Erectile dysfunction is a commonly known diagnosis with an extensive amount of advertising by pharmaceutical companies. Erectile dysfunction drugs work by increasing blood flow to the penis in order to allow an erection.  But what if you didn’t need a pill?

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy has been able to help the return of proper muscle function in order to allow for natural erections to occur.  In a study by Van Kampen et al.  Published in 2003 by the journal of APTA they found subjects with venous – occlusive dysfunction to have improvement of symptoms: “Fifteen out of the 20 patients with impotence caused by venous- occlusive dysfunction reported a return of penile erection to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse.”

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Women’s Health!

  1. Mary

    Myofascial restrictions and trigger points may be the cause of decreased blood flow to the pelvic floor musculature that initiate and maintain an erection.

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