Women’s Health in a sn-APP!

By Riva Preil

The Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) proudly presents “A Primer for Women’s Health: Learn about Your Body in 52 Weeks.”  This wonderful tool will present a different health tip every week for one year in regards to women’s health. For example, week one provides information regarding how to maximize one’s visit to the doctor and how to effectively communicate and relay health related matters to one’s physician.  This primer also empowers women by providing information to reduce the risk of illness, for we all know that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. And not only is the information accessible online, the NIH has created an app for you to access the information directly from your smart phone!  Fortunately, we live in day and age when technology enables us to access useful information with the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.  Let’s take advantage of this fantastic tool courtesy of the NIH, and may we all benefit from the information for the next 52 weeks and beyond!


One thought on “Women’s Health in a sn-APP!

  1. Good news, I must say! Thanks for this! It could be unbearable to bring your weight and shapes issues with you until you grow older and to think, that is just among women’s most common health issues and there is more to be careful of.

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