Endo Warriors! Part I

By Riva Preil

Beyond Basics Physical Therapy had the opportunity to host an Endo Warriors meeting on Sunday, September 29.  According to their mission statement, “Endo Warriors is a support organization for women who are focused on helping each other to fight against the devastating effects of endometriosis, the leading cause of pelvic pain and infertility in women. Through this group we exchange ideas, current research, and give support to those in need-we could all use someone who understands what we’re going through and how we feel.”  We here at BBPT support the Endo Warriors, and are always looking to help those suffering from endometriosis. Our own Amy Stein, Michele McGurk, and Mary Hughes participated in Sunday’s session.  Please enjoy the following interview I conducted with Michele, physical therapist at BBPT, regarding the session (paraphrased responses).

1.    What questions were asked at the session and how did you respond?

-What are dilators and what is their purpose?
A: Dilators are used to help increase one’s comfort with inserting something into the vagina, to help stretch the pelvic floor muscles, to monitor their personal progress with physical therapy, and to prepare for intercourse and/or use of sexual toys.

-What is the expected course of physical therapy?
A: Approximately 8 weeks is a good timeframe within which to expect to see progress from treatment.

-Are pelvic floor exercises found through Google or YouTube any good, or is it better to speak to a doctor/physio etc? Can those exercises help with pain?
A: It’s better to speak to physician or pelvic floor PT, and yes they can help with pain!

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