The Pelvic Wizard Meets Oz

By Riva Preil

Mark your calendars and your Tivo, because Beyond Basics’ very own Amy Stein will be featured the Dr. Oz Show this coming Tuesday (4:00 PM, on Fox 5)!  After the eye opening article in Prevention last month, pelvic floor dysfunction has been on more people’s minds…including the researchers at the Dr. Oz Show.

The researchers were impressed by the article, and they contacted Amy to learn more about pelvic pain.  Amy educated them through phone calls and emails, and she shared her book and new DVD with them. They realized that Amy had a lot to offer, and wanted her to share her knowledge with the general public. She was invited to be interviewed for the show.   


On Tuesday, April 29, the episode that was filmed on April 22 will be aired.  Amy says the experience was like a whirlwind.  After being chauffeured to the station courtesy of a car service, Amy went straight to get her hair and makeup done.  Shortly thereafter, Amy was brought onto the set where she met with Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz opened the conversation with a great presentation regarding the size of the pelvic floor, and he polled the audience by asking, “Do you think the pelvic floor is the size of a A. Nutbowl? B. Cereal bowl? C. Salad bowl?”  Almost everyone was surprised by the answer…as you will probably be when you watch the show on Tuesday!  He also did a fun, interactive presentation of the pelvic floor which included muscles, nerves, and organs.

Amy was allotted a very brief time to discuss symptoms and causes of pelvic pain, and was also given the opportunity to show one of the many stretches that are typically prescribed as part of the home program.  She was able to add additional information on Dr. Oz’s website, that will be posted after the show.

According to Amy, “It was quite an experience and a step in the right direction towards educating the public about pelvic pain. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss this important topic with such a large audience, but I still feel like there is a long way to go.  Getting the word out there is tremendously valuable. My endorphins rush at the thought of Dr. Oz presenting on pelvic pain, even if just for a few minutes!”  May this be the beginning of a lengthy, important, and long overdue conversation with the medical community.

One thought on “The Pelvic Wizard Meets Oz

  1. It was start but being a person who has been in pain for 13 plus years i felt Dr.OZ doesn’t have a clue nor has a sincere interest in learning about pelvic pain…perhaps if our vagina’s were in our chest or it had something to do with obesity there would of been a longer discussion about pelvic pain….He has done whole shows dedicated to weight loss .. Pelvic pain could of and should of gotten more time and perhaps a couple more on the front line of PNE/PN could of been represented. Doctors and PT’s . I watched it and was ticked off more than applauding that the great and powerful OZ gave us a few short min of this precious time . I’m not the only one who felt like that. YES, it’s a start, but more needs to be done to educate doctors as well as the general public .

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