The Pelvic Messenger

By Riva Preil

You have heard my “written voice” for many months now via my blog, and now you will have the opportunity to hear my actual voice…via our new BLOG TALK RADIO show! That’s right, my friends. The new and exciting project BBPT has undertaken is helping conduct The Pelvic Messenger blog talk radio show.

The goal of The Pelvic Messenger is to provide educational talk radio shows on various chronic pelvic pain topics and to provide hope and healing to individuals who suffer from pain related symptoms.

The Pelvic Messenger is supported by the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS), Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, and the Alliance for Pelvic Pain. It is devoted to promoting awareness of various pelvic floor related disorders and pelvic pain in men, women, and children. It also is committed to improving patient and healthcare providers education on chronic pelvic pain.

Elisabeth Oas is the founder and previous host of Pelvic Messenger. Current hosts include Amy Stein, Alexandra Milspaw, Stephanie Prendergast, Michelle Waterstreet, and…yours truly.

The most recent show, approximately one week ago, was fantastic! Alexandra Milspaw interviewed Dr. Gina Ogden, sex therapist, on the topic of The Heart and Soul of Sexual Healing. Missed it?   No worries…all shows are archived and accessible afterwards. To enjoy the show yourself, please refer to this link.

Furthermore, I encourage you check out The Pelvic Messenger on Facebook and to “like” the fan page.

STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT UPCOMING SHOWS! I look forward to hearing YOUR voice, dear reader, when you call in with questions when I am the host.

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