Amy on SirusXM’s Doctor Radio!

By Amy Stein

Wednesday night I was live on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio at NYU Langone with Dr. Benjamin Brucker and Dr. Joseph Alukal primarily to discuss male pelvic pain. However we did also speak about female pelvic pain and dysfunction. It was in a radio studio right in the hospital.

We spoke about what pelvic floor PTs do during an initial evaluation, what are signs and symptoms that there is a musculoskeletal problem, how to palpate the pelvic floor muscles, what are possible causes and more.  We also discussed prostatectomy and how pelvic floor PT can enhance the outcomes.

We had callers call in from Arkansas, California, Tennessee and New Jersey, and ask about hip pain’s causes and what to do about it; one a man called in asking about his wife’s progress on her pelvic fractures; another asked some post-prostatectomy questions, and much more.

It was quite exciting and a great experience! Check out some images below.

20141119_182621 20141119_182531

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