Stretching and Strengthening with Pilates

By Amy Stein, DPT

This past week we had the pleasure of having Denise Small do an educational in service on the use of Pilates mat, Pilates reformer and spring board for gentle core strengthening and alignment exercises that can be used for men, women, children and even prenatal and post-partum women. She also showed us AMAZING ways to stretch almost all of the muscles of the lower extremity and back using the assistance of the reformer and spring board. She had all of us practice the exercises so that we can easily utilize them with our patients. Below you can see Victoria and I doing an active iliopsoas stretch (hip flexor) stretch, Denise is demonstrating how to gently strengthen the core one vertebrae at a time, while the back gets a nice gentle stretch.

For more information on Pilates and the different areas that Pilates rehab addresses, check our our website. In the past, Denise has also written some Pilates blogs for us if you’d like to check out some of those here.

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