Postcard from the Beyond Basics Holiday Party

Ho! Ho! Ho! Last weekend the Beyond Basics crew put on their best duds and dancing shoes to celebrate the holiday season at Tiny’s NYC. Tiny’s is a rustic looking little bar/restaurant that has large plank pine wood floors and handsome wood beam rafters decorated with white Christmas lights and evergreen garlands. It definitely felt calm and cozy on the inside, despite the cold December night outside.  

We also held our first ever “Beyondies.” The Beyondies are awards based loosely off of the Dundies from the show The Office. Superlatives were sent out to the staff and collectively, we voted on the woman from our practice most likely to be hiding candy in her desk, the woman most likely to become a crazy cat lady, and many more. Below are pictures from our Holiday Party as well as some of the results from our first ever annual Beyondies Awards.

Fiona presenting Alexa with “The Most Likely to Never Kayak Again Award”

Jaquie receiving the “Clinic Mom” award

Anne Taylor winning the award for “Most Likely to Become a Crazy Cat Lady”

Corey wins the award for “Most Gluten-Free”

Ryanne gets the award for being the most likely to start a dance off

Melissa receives the award for Clinic Clown

Amy wins the award for Most Competitive

Stephanie wins the award for most “Martha Stewart”

Victoria wins the awards for “Best Brown Bag Luncher”

Yarisa winning the award for most Disney Princess


The whole crew (minus Rose and Yarisa) at the Beyond Basics Holiday Party

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