Pelvic Health 101: Pain & Sexuality: Is it all in My Head?

By Fiona McMahon, DPT

Sex should feel good… really, really good. But when it doesn’t, you may start to wonder, what’s wrong with me? Am I broken? Am I a prude? Am I frigid? Painful sex isn’t something we talk about. No one would look at you twice if you walked into work complaining of pain in your elbow, but if you walk into work complaining about pain in you vagina or penis, you may end up having a meeting with HR.

On April 7th at 7pm, we at Beyond Basics are breaking down those taboos and having an educational seminar, followed by an optional question and answer session at the end. The event will be hosted by one of our therapists, Stephanie Stamas, DPT, ATC. Stephanie will give a detailed seminar about pelvic health and take time to clear up some common misconceptions many people have concerning their bodies and sexual function. Be sure to sign up at to reserve your spot!


One thought on “Pelvic Health 101: Pain & Sexuality: Is it all in My Head?

  1. Diane lessard

    Hi there,

    I really appreciate you physical therapist opening up your doors and speaking about things that aren’t spoke about in the doctors office. I’m on the West Coast but if there’s anyway you guys could send out an email blog on a summary of all of your seminars that would be great since I am unable to attend in person .

    Many thanks!

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