Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD

Amy Stein is the founder and a practitioner of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in NYC, specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, women’s health, and manual therapy for men, women, and children while taking a holistic approach to each patient’s entire well-being. She is the author of Heal Pelvic Pain, an easy-read, self-help book. Amy is also a contributor to the medical textbook,Female Sexual Pain Disorders: Evaluation and Management, and serves on the board of the International Pelvic Pain Society, since 2007. She is a well recognized expert in her field, lectures nationwide, and has been interviewed in media outlets ranging from the medical segments of popular TV news shows, like ABC’s 20/20 to such newspapers as the New York Daily News to internet sites like She is also an editor of and a member of the NVA, ICA, as well as many other organizations. Amy received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

One thought on “Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD

  1. A

    Dear Amy,

    I’ve reached your blog after reading your book Heal Pelvic Pain. I’ve suffered from severe pelvic pain for a couple years (since giving birth) and had my first feeling of hope in being able to treat it after reading your book.

    I wanted to know if you could address one question on your blog: the issue of severe pain in the morning. My pelvic pain is extremely bad in the morning, and improves after moving. I have had doctors suggest that this may be rheumatoid arthritis, although I have pain nowhere else in my body. As I try to reach a diagnosis (on whether this is post-partum-related pelvic pain or something related to rheumatoid arthristis), I wanted to know if you (or one of the other therapists on your blog) could comment on this issue of whether pain tends to be worse in the morning or not for pelvic pain, or whether my situation is atypical.

    Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.


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