Sex After Cancer: Dr. Vanessa Kennedy


Pelvic Messenger is an online talk radio show (kind of like a podcast) where we interview experts in the field of pelvic health regarding pelvic pain. This month we’re talking to Dr. Vanessa Kennedy, who wrote an article with Dr. Coady, regarding the effects of cancer treatments on women’s pelvic health, sexuality and ability to have sex. We’ll be talking about those effects, and ways that health care providers can talk to people about this more comfortably

Dr. Kennedy provides specialized surgical care and chemotherapy services to women with gynecologic malignancies and complicated benign gynecologic conditions.  She performs procedures through a variety of approaches, minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic and robotic techniques.

Dr. Kennedy believes strongly in treating the patient as a whole and incorporating patients and their loved ones into the decision-making process.  She is passionate about maximizing the quality of life for her patients and supporting them in their transitions between the various phases of treatment, from diagnosis to surgery and active treatment and into survivorship and whatever lies ahead. 

In addition to providing surgery, chemotherapy, and surveillance for cancer patients, Dr. Kennedy also has a special interest in sexual health concerns in women and girls with cancer and is working to develop a specialized clinic to address these concerns.

Tune in Here.