Give thanks to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

Holiday 2017 3 The staff at Beyond Basics strives to guide you through a rehab program that returns you to full function. If you have achieved your goals or if you are on your way to achieving your goals at our facility, here are some great ways to help those in a similar situation and to say thank you to your therapist.

Ways to spread the word about Orthopedic Conditions and Pelvic floor Dysfunction and thank your therapist and staff at Beyond Basics:


  • Tell your doctor about your success with physical therapy!

Your doctor would love to know that you are feeling better and achieving your goals. Please let them know about your success at your next appointment or by sending an email.


  • Provide a testimonial for our website!

In 2018, we would like to update our website with new patient stories in our testimonial section. You can greatly help us by writing, even anonymously, about your experience with our group. Email Us Here!


  • Yelp us with a review on!

Many patients find out about our services through the internet, so please help them get a feel for our facility by writing a review on Click Here!


  • Write a Google Review

If you sign into your Gmail and google search Beyond Basics You’ll see the option to “write a review”. Click Here!


  • Give us feedback!

All feedback helps us improve our delivery of care, so please let us know if there’s something we are doing well or if there is something we can do better.


  • Donate to the International Pelvic Pain Society!

Donations to the International Pelvic Pain Society support research and education and raise awareness about pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Click Here